NoCoin sends physical change into your bank account


NoCoin allows shoppers to avoid getting coins and notes as change when paying with cash. Instead the change is made available directly to the shopper’s bank-account, savings account or other holdings as preferred.

NoCoin allows the stores to save cash management costs by reducing the amount of cash received as the cash cycle is broken by the NoCoin cash-to-account process. Also the need for expensive cash recyclers is reduced.

It is really easy!

It is really easy!

NoCoin is an answer to the desire of the society and governments to reduce the use of cash. By converting coins and notes into bank account transaction NoCoin contributes to a transparent and cost-effective society with less crime and fewer robberies.

NoCoin may be used to build customer loyalty through value-add loyalty programs and may increase shopper re-visit rates.

NoCoin may easily be implemented in banking terminals, point of sale systems and related payment systems.